Water Damage Restoration in Portland, Maine and Surrounding Areas

Water Damage - Restoration in Portland, ME
Water damage can be and is a serious problem for your home because it can cause foundation problems and overtime, mold can start to develop. At Viking DKI, we can help with making your home livable again, with the latest technology in water clean-up, we can help restore your home to the condition it was before the damage. We are a full-service restoration company that is licensed and insured.

Water Damage Safety

One of the most important things to be aware of following the event of water damage is safety. When floods happen without warning, there can often be electrical hazards, not to mention the presence of unexpected puddles and slick surfaces in places you don't expect. Any time there has been flooding, call the professionals at Viking DKI first. Our emergency service team can quickly assess potential hazards, as well as take the appropriate measures to ensure both their safety and the safety of others. Never approach water if you are unsure of its source, or suspect that there may be an electrical hazard present. If water comes from an unknown source, such as flood waters pouring in from nearby streams or overflowing gutters, you should take precautions not to approach it. The water may contain harmful bacteria, fungi, pesticides or car fluids from nearby gardens and roadways, or even human waste. At Viking DKI we can help you make those tough decisions. We will stick by you during every step of the restoration process until your property has made a full recovery.

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